Monday, October 4, 2010

Buzzing into 40 - A Sweet Adventure

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Party planning at it finest, if I do say so...

I hosted and planned my friend Katharine's 40th birthday party. I chose a yellow, black and white theme and then came up with "Buzzing into 40." She was very surprised considering her birthday had already passed.

I ordered candy on line from the Bulk Candy Store. I ordered lemon candy sticks, black and white Whirly Pops, yellow gumballs (10 lbs.), black licorice wheels, and lemon yellow Zots.

The cake was custom made and just beautiful, and the cupcakes, they were equally as pretty, those came from Gabriel's in Marietta, GA.

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Jen @ said...

Wow - your party is absolutely gorgeous. I love every single thing that you did. Beautiful!


monica said...


This party is amazing! You are way too talented - you rock photography AND event planning!!!

monica B.