Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glove Purse {Guest Post} Tatertots & Jello

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Take a peek over at Tatertot's and Jello at my guest post on this cute purse!!

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KelliT said...

Just discovered your blog via Tatertots and Jello. I just have to say your photography is amazing! Can't believe you got your first DSLR in April. You seem to really have it down. Just wondering if you can give any advice on any online workshops or websites that would help me to understand my camera. Thanks in advance!

Chrissy Farnan Hoot Designs said...

Hi Kelly,

Yes, there are so many I can recommend to you. Send me a note via my email and I'll send you a few links. Also I have a Photography blog here is the link. You can subscribe via Blogger and subscribe with your email for updates on posts in the column on the left. Here is my address Hootphotography(at)


Jen @ said...

Thanks for guest posting Chrissy! Those purses are adorable!! I love your blog. Your pictures are so great!!