Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helping Japan - Let's send a Shelter Box

Pin It My friend Gina over at Hiya Luv posted yesterday about ShelterBox.  ShelterBox was founded by Tom Henderson, a Rotarian and former Royal Navy search and rescue diver.  He saw that the aid response to most disasters was in the form of food and medicine to help people survive the immediate aftermath.

Little or no assistance was given in terms of proper shelter to help them through the first few days, weeks and months as they tried to rebuild their lives. ShelterBox was launched to fill that void.

Boxes are already on their way to Japan

Whats included in the box?

Would you like to donate?
All donations are welcome and volunteers too. 
$1,000 will send a finished box to those in need.

Visit this link to a secured Shelter box Donation form.  
Directly on their site.

click for the main site

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Gina Thomas said...

i love your post!!! :)gina

Lindsay Conner said...

Just saw your giveaway at Sandy a la mode. Feel free to link up your giveaway and futures ones at


Alely said...

saw this on gina's! let's all get the word out there and help the cause. today i posted an email from our missionary friends in japan. it's an update on what they are personally experiencing over there.

gahhhh..and i'm still swooning over your creative space!!!!!

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