Saturday, March 26, 2011

Saturday Snapshot - Palm Springs & a Celeb

Pin It One of the trips my fmaily took while we owned our toy store was to Palm Springs, CA.  Our Annual convention for the Learning Express was held there - pretty fancy, huh!  Well it was beautiful and because it's so secluded we also had celebrity guests staying at the resort with us.... Lisa Rinna and her husband Harry Hamlin and their children!

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Annie @ Wattlebird said...

Hahaha awesome! I've never met/seen a celeb before. And the area looks really beautiful.

Claire said...

oh wow, i had to google her as i didnt know who she was..but i hate her already..i mean how HOT does she look in a bikini!! x

Anonymous said...

look at you paparazzi! hahaha

Gina Thomas said...

i just adore palm springs. i used to live 20 minutes away and would frequent the area for work retreats and saturday night dinners. i love your pics;) i never saw a celeb in palm springs!:)gina

Teresa said...

Hey Sweet Girl~
How FUNNY is that!
You could probably sell that pic for a million or two!
Ah....haha! ;o)
Last time we were in St. Marteen Jodie Foster and her children were in the pool with us!
We all shared some wine and watched the sunset together one evening.
Cute post!
Cutest thing about it...YOU and your adorable daughter!
What a cutie~patootie!

Ruthanne said...

I love how you positioned someone in the picture to make it look like you weren't taking pictures of them. That makes laughter just bubble up inside and come out in a snort.

Also, that is exactly what I look like in a bikini. Wait a second.

That is me!