Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sir Sebastian

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This is Sebastian's first time appearing on my blog!! 
I shot all the photos in {M} Manual after really gaining an 
understanding yesterday in my photography class. 

I have linked up to Yellow Songbirds Saturday Snapshot - go take a peek
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Unknown said...

You are such a talented photographer. Your dog is so cute as well. Love his red harness!

Gina Thomas said...

you are so good:) i need to take a photog class! and of course i adore sir Sebastian:)

Kara @ June & Bear said...

What great pictures and what a great looking dog.

Teresa said...

I am PASSING out!
Love Sir Sebastian!
These shots are un~beeee~leeeeeev~u~bul!
What a handsome boy!
Doogan sends wags and wants to PLAY with Sebastian!

Tanya said...

Love these photos. So well shot and edited they brought I tear to my eye. I used to raise mini schnauzers! I miss them so much!

Ocean Soul said...

Yup, he is definitely a SIR, not a mister, not a dude, but a SIR. Great pics of the royalty.

Unknown said...

oh I am in love! what a great name he has! great photos too.

Ann-Margaret said...

Tucker and I love these handsome photos of Sir Sebastian!! He is so adorable!! Great shots, Chrissy!! He's adorable!! :)

Claire said...

Hi! These are so cute! I've just nearly finished a (very basic) photography course and i'm still a weeeeee bit scared of the M setting haha!!

Unknown said...

oh god he is so cute!! Gorgeous photos too.

Joanna said...

what a handsome dog! great photos!