Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5th Grade Graduation {My Girl}

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I can't believe the time between kindergarten and today, Elementary School Graduation, 
that time went by in a flash.
 Shea and me
 Shea and a friend

Shea and her 5th grade teacher!
The decorations were AMAZING all out of paper!!!
How cute are these mushrooms!

Look at this little guy - he was on the podium!!

This display was around every window and door in the cafeteria

Shea and a friend

And another friend
Class friends
Our Family
Just simply amazing decorations

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Chrissy said...

Beautiful photos! Your daughter is gorgeous! Lovely family! Congrats on graduating, Shea!!

Lori said...

She's beautiful! She looks just like you. :-) Her necklace matches perfectly! Love Megan's jewelry! Congrats on her graduation!

Jennifer said...

Wow, your daughter is beautiful! And those decorations, WOW! Congrats! I know it won't be long before my boys are there (and they haven't ever started kindergarten yet).