Thursday, May 19, 2011

{Guest Post) Amy with Ameroonie Designs + Tutorial

Pin It Hi there!  I'm Amy and I blog over at Ameroonie Designs.  I love sharing all kinds of tutorials and projects that make life fun!  Chrissy invited me to come share one of my favorite tutorials: The Happy Birthday Banner!  I thought it would be great timing since next week is my birthday and my good blogging friend Gwen and I are hosting a week-long celebration!  I would love for you to stop by and say hello. 
Now, on to the tutorial:
You will need felt in different colors for the flags (I buy off the bolt, the instruction are assuming you do the same.  If you are using the sheets, use the short side as your height to get more flags per sheet), approx. 1/4 yard felt for the letters, assorted felt scraps for the embellishments, beads (optional), tacky glue and ribbon.
I make my flags 10" high by 6" across at the top. To create the flags, I line the felt (cut to 10" high) up on my cutting mat. Using my ruler, I line up the corner, with the mark 3" over- as shown in the picture- and cut along that line. I then line up the ruler with the point I just cut, and swing it over 6" from the original corner. Gosh I hope that makes any sense at all. Another option is to make a template using a piece of paper, cut it 10" high by 6" wide. Fold in half and cut from the two free corners on the bottom, up to the folded side on top. Cut out your flags. You will need 13 various colored flags. I double the felt on mine, so I actually cut out 26 flags for each banner. I like the body the extra fabric gives. Since I make these to sell, I usually just use white or cream for the back- since I buy my felt off the bolt at Joann's I can use a coupon for one cut, and so I get one big cut of either of those colors.  If you are going to do the same, you will need at least a 20" cut for all the backs and the letters.
Take two flags (if you're doubling up) and sew them together. I like to use a zigzag stitch, just for fun. Feel free to do what you want. If you want to add trim to your flags, like ric rac or pom pom trim, this is the place to do it. The felt will most likely stretch in some places. Just try to keep the flags as even and flat as you can while sewing, then go back and trim up any light felt you can see peeking out behind your colored felt. {as shown in this picture}
Now it's time to cut out your letters. type out the letters in your favorite font. {I made my templates years ago and I have no idea what fonts I used- I know I used a Cricut though, so I'm not going to provide templates, since I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like that. - Sorry!} have great fonts- I think smiley monster would look so great on a happy birthday banner. Print out the letters the size you want them (remember they will need to fit on your flags!). I would print out just the outline, to save ink- but I'm cheap that way. Then, take your paper and pin, pin, pin it to the felt you are using for the letters (in my case, cream).
Now take your scissors and cut out on the lines. Make sure the felt doesn't fold up under your scissors-especially little edges or curls- they'll get cut off. (I've done it so many times, I've lost track) I use cheap IKEA kitchen scissors because I don't want my nice fabric scissors to get dull from cutting paper.

Next, take scraps of different colors of felt and cut out your embellishment pieces. Add any other decorations you would like. I use seed beads to add just a little sparkle to mine- I've also used scrapbooking brads.
Arrange the flags in your desired color pattern. Place the letters on the flags in order and glue them down. I just use tacky glue- it's cheap and works great! Tip: leave the letters in place on the flag and just lift up pieces at a time to add glue to- if you try to do the whole letter at once, it's floppy and hard to place correctly. Even though the glue does dry clear- it leaves hard spots on the flags that are noticeable if you have to move the letters around. Once all the letters are in place, glue the embellishments down.

Allow the glue to dry. I made a template for marking where to cut the holes for the ribbon, but really you can just eyeball it. Use sharp scissors to just poke through a slit in both upper corners. I cut my ribbon 12" for the middle flags (you need 9) and 4' for the end flags (you need 4) I use the 1/4" or 1/8" Offray ribbon and cut 3 different colors for each flag. That's just me. Another option is to just cut one long piece of ribbon and thread all the flags onto that.
Here's the whole banner {this is one I made a long time ago- I used different colors for the letters for a different look- usually I use the same color for all the letters}. I tried to keep the tutorial short, but if you have any questions, PLEASE ask it in the comments and I'll make sure to answer it! If you make one of these I'd love to see it!
Thanks for having me over Chrissy!- it was a "Hoot"! ;)

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Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Thank you so much for having me Chrissy! It has been a pleasure getting to know you!

Unknown said...

Holy cuteness! I love that!!

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