Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Post Recipe {Pralines} w/ Lauren Warm & Fuzzy

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I'm excited to introduce to Lauren with Warm & Fuzzy  

Here is a little about Lauren.
I've been married to Brian for 61/2 years. We have 2 adorable little boys. Eli is 3 and Ben Henry is almost 1. I am a full time preschool special education teacher in our public school system here in Louisiana. That's where the "warm and fuzzy" comes from. We are also huge LSU fans which is where the "purple and gold" comes from. I love making crafty things to decorate our home to make it feel more welcoming. I also enjoy creating decor for my friends and their kids birthday parties. I just recently found the world of blogging and became completely obsessed. I hope you enjoy my blog and feel warm and fuzzy while you are here. 

Look at this new fun series Lauren is starting on hr blog

I want to start a little series here called {Southern Saturday} All about the great things I love about being from the South. The foods, the culture, the people, just being here. Each Saturday I'll do something different. So many people have a certain {picture} of what they think {southern} is and hopefully this will give a little insight into what we are really like.
This Saturday we are going to start with what else-

Now I know you cant read my Mom's handwriting, but isn't this the cutest recipe card? Here's what the actual recipe says and believe me when I say the pralines aren't the only thing that is southern about this recipe, this is the shortest recipe for something that can easily be screwed up, there should be some explaining and there isn't takes practice is all I am saying.
What is actually says will be in black what it should say I will post in purple ;)

1. Toast pecans  
( approx 2 cups for about 5 min or until you can smell the pecan throughout your kitchen)
2.Add 2 cups of white sugar, 1/3 cups of light Karo syrup, 
and 6 oz of condensed milk to a pot with a pinch of salt.
3. Cook for approx 6 min
(stirring the ENTIRE time- this mixture will be VERY HOT!!)
4. (Have a small cup of cold water next to the stove and as the mixture is cooking and starts to melt into candy mixture, it will begin to turn a caramel color as it does drop a tiny amount into the cold water try to form into a small ball, if this easily happens the mixture is ready to be taken from the stove.)

5. Take mixture off stove.
6. Add pecans, 1 tablespoon of butter, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla 
(this will bubble) KEEP STIRRING!
7. Beat the mixture until dull 
8. Spoon mixture onto wax paper
9. Wait a few minutes till cooled and ENJOY!!

My mom, two sisters and I made these for my cousins wedding as favors and it took all day. Most people in the South make them for the holidays. My favorite is my Granny' one can touch them and I mean NO ONE!!

Thank you for sharing Lauren!!

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Sandy a la Mode said...

mmm yum! these look soo great and healthy!!

Heidi said...

Yay! I LOVE Lauren! And her praline's look DELISH!

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mmm yum! these look soo great and healthy! Thanks for listing down also the ingredients and procedure. I listing it down also. So that if I am not busy I might also try that at home.

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