Monday, May 16, 2011

Replying to comments, help me connect with you

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Dear Bloggy friends, help me connect with you 

I love each and every comment and I always reply but only when I'm able.  I need your help as do many other bloggers out there.  I'm going to attach a link to Shelly Smith's blog  House of Smiths.  She did a great post if you are on Blogger and how to set your email up so when you comment we bloggers can email you back.  Direct link to the detailed  post  HERE

I get so many noreply - emails and I can't answer your questions or thank you for a sweet comment. Below is a snapshot of the step by step on  Shelley's blog

Thank you Shelley for letting me use the link to your post!

If you have not visited Shelley's blog House of Smith's it's FANTASTIC!  

Shelley has a great vinyl shop too

Look what I bought from Shelley to "spice" up my mixer!!!

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1 comment:

Jennifer said...

YES! I have the same problem! I really want to respond to everyone but have so many "no replies." I tried explaining this in my comment title, but it hasn't helped. I might do a similar post to spread the word. Thanks for the idea!