Monday, June 20, 2011

{Sponsor Love} Ann-Margaret's Visions

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I'm so excited to introduce you to Ann-Margaret.  We met via Twitter during a #Crafterminds chat and you know when you meet someone, albeit just on line, you know in your heart of hearts you would be the best gal pals in real life.  Well that's Ann-Margaret.  We have exchanged many many emails, she helped me create my business cards for my Hoot Photography  blog, and she even purchased a custom camera strap from me.  I also included a couple birthday goodies for her in her package.  The good news is we don't live that far from each other, so it's possible, one of these days, that we could actually get together and have lunch.
Here is what Ann-Margaret has to say about herself.............."Along with my passion for tea, special teatimes, and unique treasures, my desire is to create a shoppe that will encourage you to enjoy the simple things in life.  I hope my online shoppe with be the place where you may find gifts that are just perfect for those that are special to you and remind you just how much fun it is to maybe even surprise someone that will not be expecting it.  I have always been one to love the "little things" in life...whether it is a sweet card from a friend, a special gift that reminds me of the person that gave it to me each time I pass by it  or just sharing a cup of tea with someone dear to me." Read more

Here are just a couple photographs of the amazing things she has in her Shop. I really encourage you to visit because there are such great things and amazing photos of each an every one of them.
This is my favorite necklace from the shop

And I certainly could not complete a sponsor love post without introducing you to 
Sweet Tucker!

Visit Ann Margaret

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Ann-Margaret Arnold said...

Chrissy, you have truly made my night!! What a sweet post, my friend!! And, yes, you said it perfectly...sometimes you just know...sometimes it "just clicks" with someone...and, you just know that you could sit and chat for hours, shop til you drop, and always find more to share and dream about together! We're gonna make that lunch outing happen one day for sure...meeting you in person is definitely on my "bucket list", girlfriend!! I love our email chats {think we're gonna have to upgrade to the phone sometime though! heehee}, and you truly do add sunshine to my days!! Thank you so much for sharing about my business and helping your readers to get to know me...and, Tucker!