Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to School Invitations

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We are having a Back to School Sleepover and these are the cute invitations we made!

I bundled 3 pencils together with a glue dot to hold them together and then I tied with green twine.  I added an oak tag and then clipped a Yo-Yo embellished antiqued paperclip with the invitation details that are printed on notebook paper to the tag.


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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mandipidy's {online} Baby Shower - Stylish Diaper Bags!!

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Congratulations to Mandy and her Husband on the new bundle of joy, baby Abigail!  I'm posting a few snazzy diaper bags with the link to the full post of stylish bags all under $50!

Join in the fun and link up to Hiya Luv's blog with your link to your virtual baby shower post for baby Abigail!!


Mario Batali Margherite Satchel
As a mom, you're a master at improvisation. Here's a bag made for you. It can go from lunch bag (it's original intended use), to insulated picnic satchel, to diaper bag in a mere moments. The cotton floral print and insulated lining keeps food and drinks warm or cool, but moms everywhere are finding that the easy-to-clean surfaces and the size makes it a diaper bag option! ($27.99,

Dante Beatrix Envelope Bag
This hip envelope bag is almost as cute as your actual bébé. Sling it over your shoulder or your stroller, and get ready for people to ask where you found it. Made of easty-to-clean canvas, it holds wipes and a few diapers, plus your essentials. ($36,
Combi Urban Sling Diaper Bag
Hit the streets with this purse/diaper-bag combo. The adjustable, padded shoulder strap is comfy enough for long days, and inside there's a cell phone slot, key ring, and pockets for all your essentials. And for baby? An extra large, padded, wipe-clean changing pad, and insulated bottle pocket. ($24.95,

Ima Rose-N-Bloom II Brocade Diaper Backpack & Shoulder Bag from Lifestyle Trends
Not all diaper bags have to be covered in plastic; this one steps up the style with silky satin. The very grown-up bag from Lifestyle Trends converts from a trendy shoulder bag to a backpack for running errands. All pockets are completely lined with water- and stain-resistant fabric and treated with Fiber Lock to help prevent snags and pulls. Add the over-sized changing pad that tucks inside and you're all set. ($48.95,

The Bumble Collection's Emma Changing Kit
It may have a Lily Pulitzer vibe, but the Emma Changing Kit is all business, with side-insulated pockets, a detachable strap for hanging on your stroller, an oversized, egg-shaped changing pad, and pockets a-plenty for all of baby's necessities. And the fact that both the bag and changing pad are machine-washable? That's just icing on the cake. ($48,

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What's your vice {Coke or Diet Coke}

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Just curious  
What's your vice? 
We all have 'em-- those things we can't help but do, 
even though we know they're ''bad'' for us. 
Me, Diet Coke - always with a lime, fresh squeezed!  
How bout' you?

I just love these cans!  It's a can, it's a bottle, Cabottle - LOL!!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Vintage Tape Measure Bracelet

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This project ranks up there with my Chalkboard Globe project for the coolness factor.  I've seen a few things made with tape measures and trim or even in the form of the image on scrapbook paper. So, I went to Ebay in search of vintage tape measures.
 The Ebay description said that it still smelled like oil from a workshop and boy were they right.   So the first thing I did was wash it in a bowl of soapy water to remove some of the "old vintage" grease.
 Before assembling this cutie I took the ever famous twine and wound a mini spool and threaded it on the outer layer of the bracelet, and distressed it with distressing ink.
 The most fun thing about this project is it's a gift for a friend, Gina, with Hiya Luv!!
Gifts are my love language, more so giving than receiving. Searching and discovering the perfect gift for a friend is energizing for me. I wish I could be there for her to open it!!

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Week 1 - Background {How to Paint an Owl Class}

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I have to say I was really intimidated to start this project. 
I've never painted a "real" picture before.

Here are the larger photos
This is my bottom layer.
Layers and layers, you can't even see the original bottom colors.
I thought I was done - nope! I realized I needed a "ground" for my owl to sit on.
And here it it - the final background which I know will change a bit more. Be sure to check back as the weeks pass (5 of them) I will be posting my progress, week by week.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Getting Ready for Art Class

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I'm taking an online art class How to Paint an Owl.  It starts next week and I have been gathering my supplies!  I wanted a cute "caddy" or antique tool box to hold my paints and such.  I looked on Ebay and on Etsy and found a few perfect things, however, they were $30 - $40 - $50.  So I decided to zip into the Goodwill and there it was for a grand total of $3.07 with tax!!  All mine, the perfect caddy!!
Than I bought some Krylon Spray Paint and jazzed it up!

Look how it turned out

click photo

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sharing some FUN FINDS with you

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Hi Friends, 
I have been away on vacation visiting family, a visit to the beach and back again. I wanted to share a few fun things from this week.

Scatter Girls 
I am launching, along with Lauren and Gina a, blog dedicated to all things handmade.  our official launch is on Monday July 11th. We would love to have you as a part of our scatter girl followers.  Take a peek and see what we are all about.

Whipperberry Recipe

How to Paint an Owl E-course

Currently, there are 2 workshops being offered

Course 1: Setting Up Shop 101: The Ins & Outs  
The first course is designed for students who are considering owning a handmade business however they are unsure of the logistics and all that a handmade business will entail.

Course 2: You Set Up Shop. Now What?
The second course is for students who are at an intermediate level. Students have a shop and already have some sales however they want to take their shop and business to the next level.


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