Friday, July 8, 2011

Sharing some FUN FINDS with you

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Hi Friends, 
I have been away on vacation visiting family, a visit to the beach and back again. I wanted to share a few fun things from this week.

Scatter Girls 
I am launching, along with Lauren and Gina a, blog dedicated to all things handmade.  our official launch is on Monday July 11th. We would love to have you as a part of our scatter girl followers.  Take a peek and see what we are all about.

Whipperberry Recipe

How to Paint an Owl E-course

Currently, there are 2 workshops being offered

Course 1: Setting Up Shop 101: The Ins & Outs  
The first course is designed for students who are considering owning a handmade business however they are unsure of the logistics and all that a handmade business will entail.

Course 2: You Set Up Shop. Now What?
The second course is for students who are at an intermediate level. Students have a shop and already have some sales however they want to take their shop and business to the next level.


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Unknown said...

Exciting stuff for sure! :)