Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stay at Home Moms - This ones for you!! Work From Home

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I work for, and I love it. I'd love it if you and your friends worked with me earning money and being paid to experience the best local businesses! I promise this is not a MLM opportunity and I want you to join because it's a great opportunity, not because I'll earn money. Please check out our NBC, USA Today, and other press coverage on our website here ( I'll describe the opportunity below, but to cut to the chase, if this sounds interesting to you and you are willing to share the opportunity please do!! Here's How...

1. Apply here ( and tell Juice that I referred you when asked during the application.  Be sure to put my name Chrissy Farnan as your referrer.

2. Post this job application/information to all of your groups (moms groups, college alumni, PTA, Facebook, Linkedin)

Juice is venture backed and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but moms all across the country can work from home for Juice sourcing and experiencing local deals. We are growing fast, and hiring like crazy. 

We’re looking for more local expert moms!

The benefits are getting extra cash by doing what you already enjoy doing, shopping or window-shopping, meeting local business owners and actually making a difference in helping to grow your local economy.  There are so many perks in being part of this great community at  You get discounts through your tenure, win prizes, and in community with other individuals who are supportive, motivated and driven. We are focused on Fun, Family and helping local business thrive!

Here is a job description of the current opening, as well as sample Facebook and Linkedin posts.  Again, when you apply, please use me as a referral source. 

Thank you again!

Here is the Job Description: 

Local Moms –
Have a Fun Career from Home and Become the Local Go To Mom! 

JuiceRoots: Local Business Consultant Job Description

Juice in the City connects local businesses and local moms to create local discovery and fun for all moms in your area. With Juice in the City, you can:

·    Become the local “go to” mom by discovering great local gems
·    Earn hundreds to thousands per month while being paid to experience the best local businesses
·    Have a fulfilling career from home that you can do during just a few hours a day
·    Have a fulfilling career the kids can tag along on
·    Instantly be a part of a hot Silicon Valley start up (See our press coverage from NBC, USA Today, The New York Times on our website)
·    Join a highly passionate team started by two very passionate moms

We rely on your local knowledge to find the best deals that moms in your area would love to buy. And, that's not all, you will become part of a community of moms in over 20 major markets throughout the US who share a common vision to save local and support their community and families.
How you fit in:
Most moms already have the skills we're looking for:

  • Knowledge of local businesses and a desire to help them grow
  • You enjoy challenges and have excellent communication skills.
  • You have good insight on what deals other moms would enjoy
  • You enjoy talking to local shop owners and building community
  • Prior sales / customer experience is a plus but not required.

With flexible hours and the ability to take your kids to work with you, this is unlike any company you've worked for!

To get started on the application process, simply fill out an application, which takes no more than five minutes.

CLICK HERE: [Be sure to state my name, Chrissy Farnan as the  person who referred you to when you are asked during Stage 2 of the application.]

To get started on the application process, fill out a simple application, which takes no more than five-minutes. Go to
Be sure to give my name Chrissy Farnan when you are asked!

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Mandi @ Sweetly Home said...

I wish this was available in Canada! i'd be signing right up! Sounds great!