Friday, December 23, 2011

Gift Cards from Menchies

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Sometimes it just pays to ask.  I decided to buy $5 gift cards for two of Shea's friends from Menchies and I thought how can I jazz them up and make it cute. 

So I thought I'll ask if I can have a cup and a spoon to wrap with the gift card, you know it's all about the packaging, right?  Well, I believe it must have been the owner that asked if I wanted stickers and I said "Sure" then she said, "I'll be right back."  When she returned she had chocolate coins, magnets, tattoos to add the cups.  YIPPEE Great customer service!  Thank you thank you!!

 Look at this cute little spoon!!

Here is is all packaged up!!

I'm a Happy Customer!!!

Acworth Commons
                                             3348 Cobb Parkway Suite 100, Acworth

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