Friday, April 6, 2012

Learning art on line - amazing classes

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I have taken several on line art classes over the past few months and I have loved each and every one of them.  There are four artists whos work I have admired and have now learned from by taking their classes!

Now, before you say, "I could never take an on line class" you must try one of these and see for yourself all the amazing things you can learn "on line" through video tutorials.  I promise - AMAZING.

This class is taught by Junelle Jacobsen.  She is a very talented mixed media artist and lover of Lambs.  Visit Junelle on her blog Yes and Amen.  The class The Art of Wild Abandonment is taught by Junelle and hosted by Christy Tomlinson. 

Christy is also absolutely amazingly talented and has some really great classes taught through videos.  Below are links to Christy's classes or you can go here.

Classes already in session that you can join in and have instant access to!!
The GIlded Valentines Class with the Gilded Girls and ME!
the 12 Ornaments of Christmas! (a five day mini workshop)
The She Art Workshop No.2 !!! ( a three week e-course)
The She Art Workshop (a three week e-course)
She Had Three Hearts- an art journaling e-course.
Creative Color: Art Redefined (a one week mini workshop)

Christy also has a brand new what looks to be an amazing 6 week class called  

"We all have a story to tell... one that we live and paint and breath everyday... through our heartaches and trials, joys and celebrations, insecurities and moments of clarity. What story are we telling now and what story do we have yet to create? At the end of the day, it's our living canvas that will tell our story. In this six week course we will help you discover that through art,  messy play, techniques, journaling and soul searching exercises... you will be able to create your canvas by design not by default." ~Christy

Alisa Burke is also an amazing artist with really fun classes.
You can follow her blog here

 Here are the classes I have taken
The great thing about Alisa's classes is you have unlimited access to the classes so you are able to work at your own pace.

Alisa's newest class starting on Monday is called The Art of Abstraction

"..........The Art of Abstraction will introduce you to the concept of making abstract and expressive art. I will share a variety of methods, techniques and prompts that will inspire you to find your voice and your unique style. I will challenge you to a new way of seeing and teach you fresh ways to make art with all kinds of alternative tools and methods............" ~Alisa

Full class details and registration information here.

Juliette Crane is also so talented 

So there ya have it, great classes that you should really take a look at to broaden your horizons and play with color, paints, canvas', and the amazing world of mixed media!

Have an artful day!

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Juliette Crane said...

i'm so honored to be here with so many other amazing artists and their classes! thank you so much! have a wonderful weekend!


Rebekah said...

The best part about this class is meeting so many wonderful crafters with the same interests. Junelle's class is the first online class I have taken and now i am hooked! :) Love your blog and I just LOVE your blogs title. So fun!

cmcscraps said...

Hi Chrissy, I followed you here from Facebook group Wild Abandonment. I have been thinking of taking one of Alisons classed on sketching but not sure which one I will like. Can you recommend one. I am new to sketching but have enjoyed it during the class. Trying to decide if I want to do another sketch class or take Christy's living canvas

Claire Smillie said...

My first visit to your blog and it looks great :) I'm in same boat as cmcscraps, I love Alissa Burke and have her books but have not quite ever got round to one of her online workshops...her new one looks great though!