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Homemade Dog Food - recipes and more

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of homemadedogfood.com for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 I'm happy to be writing this post, I have a Miniature Schnauzer who has a cronic problem with kidney stones. He has endured three major surgeries in his 8 years of life removeing 15 + stones at a time.  It one time I cooked his food and added suplements because human grade food alone won't provide all the necessary nutrition dogs need.

Have you considered makeing your dogs food? If yes,  here is a great site called Homemade dog food which has many recipes for both raw and cooked recipes for your dog.  Here is an Easy cooked dog food recipe from the site, but there are many many others.


What to feed your dog?

from the Homemade dog food site:

Recommended Carnivore Ingredients

Remember your dog is primarily a carnivore and this means his digestive system is designed to digest meat, bones and animal fat.

  • Chicken (I like to feed the leg thigh quarters. The cuts of chicken have a good amount of meat, bones, cartilage and fat. The thighs and legs are also cheaper)
  • Beef (I recommend shopping the closeout section in your grocery store for anything that fits your budget.)
  • Ground Beef (I always choose the ground beef with the higher fat content, 70/30. Dogs metabolize fat well and beef fat is good for dogs.)
  • Hardboiled Eggs ( Eggs are very nutrias for dogs and contain highly digestible fats and protein. Hard boiling the eggs deactivates the enzyme in egg whites that interferes with B vitamin absorption.)
  • White Rice (I do feed some cooked white rice in many of the recipes to help make it affordable and it also is a good medium for nutritional supplements)
  • Nutritional Supplements ( It is crucial to add supplements to all theses diets to supply needed vitamins, trace minerals and other essential nutrients.) I make the dog supplements “Dinovite“and “Lickochops” and recommend using them both to fill in the nutritional gaps in the recipes.

Benefits of feeding a homemade dog food

from the Homemade dog food site:

Your dog will enjoy his dog food

You will see many great things when you feed your dog the best dog food. Your dog will enjoy eating because our homemade dog food recipes are not bland but very tasty. You will grow to love feeding time too as you watch your dog dance, bark and sing while you prepare his meal. It’s quite fun and a good bonding experience.

Your dog will feel good

Poor quality dog food is full of all sorts of cheap fillers and other nasty ingredients. All these terrible ingredients can cause your dog to feel tired and worn out. Feeding your dog the best dog food will help your dog feel good and  promote a healthy activity level. Old lethargic dogs that lumber around and sleep most the day will get a spring in their step. Some feel like puppies again. It’s a joy to see!

Your dog will digest his dog food better

Are you cleaning up huge piles of dog poop everyday? Does it seem like as much comes out as poop, as goes in as food. If so, this is because of all the fillers in dog food. Huge volumes of stool and rank odor our signs of a poor quality dog food.   Feeding the best dog food will improve your dog’s digestion. High quality homemade dog foods will contain highly digestible ingredients and therefore reduce the volume of dog stool.


All the main ingredients for the dog food recipes are readily available at your local grocery store. Ground beef, chicken, eggs and white rice are the base ingedients. All the recipes do require the addition of dog supplements of added omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and direct fed microbials. All the supplements are available online.

Click here for a great vido from the site on the preparation of making your own dog food


The supplements

What Dog Supplements to feed?

  1. Dinovite-(Supplies vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, digestive enzymes, direct fed microbials and a whole lot more.)

  1. Lickochops-(Supplies Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids and natural source vitamin E.)



Here's a picture of my Crazy pup - Sebastian


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