Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ever had a "What was I thinking, do over " Moment?

Pin It Have you ever wished you could just do something over? Maybe thinking what in the world was I thinking.  I have had a couple of those moments.  One I remember is a really bad perm, yes, perm, an Ogilvie Home Perm - in the silver box.  This was in the mid 80's and "wings" were in.  I had straight hair with zero body and wanted wings but no such luck. I had thin limp and no body in my hair, the curling iron did not even work.  So I talked my mom into perming my hair for body and waves so I could achieve "the look."  Well, I also requested she roll it on the smallest rollers to get lots of curls and waves.  So we rolled and rolled.....and rolled applied the magic solution that was going to change my look and give me wings, so I thought.  As you can already imagine the tiny rollers and perm equals frizzy poofy poodle like hair times 2.  When it was wet it was curly but dry it increased in volume 3 fold and I was mortified.  I clearly remember to this day my mom sitting on the top stair looking in to the bathroom and me standing in the mirror crying with this new look of mine.  Usually you don't wash your perm right away so the curls can set but I washed it three or four times right away to lessen the volume.  It didn't really work because I had enough for three heads of hair.  We also quickly discovered my hair took perms really well.

I did make it through after washing my new curls several times and figuring out a style through the trials and tears of fixing my hair.

There are other things that I don't really think "what was I thinking" that I would I change, for example my wedding cake and my daughters nursery.  With the internet and Pinterest as a look book of sorts and the endless ideas out there I sometimes say, If I was getting married again, or if I had another baby's room to decorate, I would do this or that.

I'd love to here about your funny "do over" stories?  Any other crazy perm's out there?

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Unknown said...

I can so relate. My mom had my hair chopped off at age 11, and had them perm my hair. Was she mad at me or something?!
Thanks for sharing...glad I wasn't the only one, and glad we both survived!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Oh yeah. I totally did the perm thing too. It was not good. :) So glad I wasn't the only one!!

Shanty Sisters said...

Loved meeting you last week! And we love the perm ;-)

Whit and Ash

Laura @ duke manor farm said...

I would'nt trade my Farrah Fawcett styled hairdo for nothing!! :) even though I cry ( not sure if it's laughter or sadness) at the sight of old pics, those were the days. Glad to meet you at Haven.

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Ever had a "What was I thinking, do over " Moment?
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