Monday, July 9, 2012

Wood Turtle Box Tutorial {Red Footed Tortoise}

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Flynn the Red Footed Tortoise

We purchased Flynn Rider around Thanksgiving time 2010 and he has been growing by leaps and bounds, literally, this is his third house.  Here is some information about the Red Footed Tortoise
How about this factoid: 
This is a medium size species. 
Adults are 12-18", though tortoises over 14" are rare. 
With proper care they should out live their owners

Out live their owner, WHAT, clearly he will be left in the will to a caring family member to feed him his daily salad and veggies.  Perhaps my due diligence should have been a bit more thorough :o).

Below are all the steps in creating Flynn's new home.  The jury is still out of if he likes it or not.

Here are the pieces of wood all cut and sanded with my Black and Decker Mouse Sander and glued together with Gorilla Glue.

Next was staining and reinforcing the bottom and adding round pads so it won't scratch the surface it sits on.

 Here shows the bottom wood added and the Coroplast - just like cardboard but plastic cut to fit the bottom and then 4 strips to make an insert to hold the bark.  I used clear silicone to attach all the seams together for the insert.

 Here Shea is adding the bark and then we put Flynn Rider inside. Notice the plant saucers as his new "pool" for water.  His old water dish was to small and he could not get inside any longer.

 Here is the finished box with the heat light and UVA lights attached. I also made the three sided house for him to hide in for shelter.

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K. Davis said...

such a fun turtle home :)

Ann-Margaret {Ann-Margaret's Visions} said...

Flynn is one lucky tortoise!!! What an adorable new home for him...and, wow!! ~ built to perfection, I might add!! You did a great job, and I love his little shelter and pool...oh, so creative!! Love that cute pic where Sabi is watching as though he is supervising!! Can't wait to hear how Flynn seems to be enjoying his new digs!!! :)

Jocelyn said...

What a cute little turtle home! Now all Flynn needs is a Rapunzel to come visit him!!!

Anonymous said...
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