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Hoot Designs..A crafty, creative, whimsical place to share inspiration and fun

This is where I'm supposed to write a little about me, right?

Well, writing about yourself is really not easy so I think I'll list things

I live outside of Atlanta, GA
I grew up in Northern Virgina
I'm an only child
My Husband is an only child

I have one Daughter, Shea
My first job was on a farm - I still can't believe it
My second job was at Bloomingdale's - that's more like it
First car VW bug (the original)
Second car VW bug - Superbeetle
I met my husband, Chris, in Richmond - we both worked at the mall we only said "hi"
5 years later he recognized me in the parking lot of the apartment community we lived in **in Annapolis, Maryland** coincidence or fate?
6 months later we moved in together
6 months later we got married - alone in Bermuda
I've always crafted rubber stamping, making cards, thrown pottery, stained glass, sewing, scrapbooking, you name it. I have supplies out the wazoo for everything
My Husband and I owned a Toy Store for 3 years, 
playing Santa was amazing every Holiday season.
I'm a professional gift wrapper - 1000's and 1000's of gifts wrapped at my store

Things I love 
Diet Coke - with a fresh slice of lime
Hershy's Nuggets w/ Toffee & Almonds
French Onion soup
my laptop
my Blackberry
a clean house
fabric and paper
freshly washed sheets
a clever & creative craft space
the Fall and the smell of falling leaves
my camera we are a perfect match  
my family

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